About Us


X-PARAGON’s vision is to design and manufacture innovative products of superior quality and great efficiency for all its clients around the world. Its brand name wants to be equivalent to those features, quality and efficiency. It aims to prove that its high quality and productive standards of its fishing accessories and equipment can keep up with competitive prices.



SPORTRADE S.A was founded in 2004 in northern Greece and has its own property headquarters of 1000 sq. meters at the Industrial Area of Thessaloniki, Greece.
In 2008 its ascendant growth had headed to create a successful e-shop called www.thalassashop.com. The great quality and variety of its products, the experience and the specialization of the company in the marine field had lead thalassashop.com to build a strong and trustful bond with its clients. In 2015 SPORTRADE S.A. based on its deep knowledge, great experience and long term customer trust, created a new brand name in fishing accessories and equipment named X-PARAGON, which products are available in the global market since 2016.